LKS2 Curriculum (Years 3 & 4)

Below you will find the links to your children's current curriculum and further information

Our Curriculum map

Teachers work with children to create a curriculum map each term. This centres around a question of intent with related subject implementations to answer it.

Our Planning Board

From our curriculum planning boards every class creates a display which demonstrates the learning impact (outcomes) of our curriculum intent and implementation. This links all of our learning, for every subject, in a child friendly way. Each subject logo on the curriculum displays links to the curriculum logo on subject books so that children can easily piece their learning journey together.


Global Trade

Design Technology

Varied & Healthy Diet



Religion & World Views

Different Gods

Modern Foreign Language

Asi Soy Yo

Donde Vives?


PSHE Information HERE

My Body and my Health

Forest School

We are a forest school training school

Our Equality Ambassadors

Our Equality Ambassadors support the school to ensure that the protected characteristics promote equality. This movie shows some of the work they do and the issues they aim to tackle.

Our Eco Ambassadors

Our Eco Ambassadors wrote a script and we turned it into a movie. It will help raise everyone's awareness of how to keep our planet clean.

We hope you enjoy it!

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