Forest School

at Dial Park

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Welcome to Forest School

Every child, every week!

Throughout our curriculum we place a huge importance on providing long term opportunities for children to be outside, connecting with nature and themselves. The children direct their own learning in each session, truly supporting their individual needs, wellbeing and risk awareness as well developing a deep sense of self. Our highly specialised and enthusiastic staff have a wealth of experience and are trained to a high level in order to facilitate and encourage resilience, independent learning and provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to thrive.

The freedom and nurturing elements of the outdoors can help to connect curriculum content in order to make real life experiences more meaningful to the child both inside and outside of the classroom. Children love to play outside whatever the weather. Our Forest School aims to support the children to not only self-regulate their emotions but also to be aware of and regulate their core temperature. All this creates strong, independent and resilient children who are confident learners both indoors and outdoors.

By the time our children are 11 they have experienced:
> Lighting, maintaining and extinguishing fires safely.
> Regular cooking sessions on the fire, experiencing a range of different and seasonal foods often linked to the History curriculum.
> Making hot drinks by boiling a Kelly Kettle.
> Building a variety of different shelters and dens for play or for an intended purpose.
> Using a range of tools for building and craft.
> Three different and progressive forest school sites and the wonder of seasonal changes.
> Regular team building games promoting good communication, self worth and people skills.
> Freely chosen sessions to enable them to direct their own learning, at their own individual pace, supporting intrinsic motivation.

Have a look at our Forest School Handbook below:

Allows all children to connect with the great outdoors

Interested in becoming a Forest School Leader?

Come and join our Forest School Leader Training run by experienced Cambium Sustainable trainers for those who wish to gain the knowledge and experience needed in running your own Forest School. Click the button to see upcoming training.

Is Forest School not right for your setting? We are also able to run a range of other courses which are aimed at getting children outdoors with different focuses. For more information email:

Every child has half a day of forest school per week