SEND and Inclusion

Welcome to the Additional Support Team’s page.

Central to our values at Dial Park we aim to include all children positively and supportively in order to help them achieve the best outcomes from their Nursery and Primary education. Over the years we have supported many children with specific and/or unusual personal challenges and have captured some of these inspirational journeys in our case studies which you will find below.

Many of these children came to Dial Park from other schools where they had not had such a successful time. These children left our school and left with their needs met and their families overjoyed with their children's progress and outcomes. We value inclusion; it is every child's right to feel included in their primary school. 

Case Studies

Here is an example of one type of work we do in the form of a case study on a Key Stage 2 Mobile pupil who we worked with to accelerate
progress and improve attitudes to learning on entry to our school.

Case Study-child-x

This second case study highlights our work around ensuring the most challenging behaviours and needs are met

through joined up thinking and approaches to support inclusion and progress.
Case Study-child-y

A third case study highlights the additional support given to a mobile EAL child and the progress achieved as a result of targeted, well assessed teaching.

Case Study-child-z

A fourth case study demonstrates how we supported a mobile child from her entry in year 3.

Case Study-child-S

A fifth case study on the work of our Pastoral teacher who supports with attendance for our most vulnerable children.

Case Study-child X.

A 6th Case study highlights the impact of high quality teaching and related interventions for EAL children.

Case Study-child-H

A 7th Case study shows what can be achieved when you celebrate reading and encourage children to live out their ideas and dreams…

A Midsummer Night case study PDF

Reading is made a very high priority in our school and the work of our reading recovery teacher consistently raises the profile of reading across the school.

Case Study – Monday morning 11:09:19 in the Richard Branson room

Here is the data and further analysis from 2019-2020 from our interventions:

Intervention data analysed over 4 years

Intervention Data Analysis notes May 20

Intervention data sep 19- march 20

"Your curriculum, particularly the outdoor education initiative, is designed to promote pupils’ independence, resilience and acceptance of responsibility.” OFSTED 2017 

The Additional Support Staff

Mrs Tomkinson (Reading Recovery, Phonics Counts, Inference Training, Dyslexia teacher, BRP trainer)

Carol Smith SENCO and deputy child protection officer (initial designated safeguarding lead trained)

Gill Johnson Pastoral teacher (3 days per week) – assistant child protection officer (initial designated safeguarding lead trained)

View the Entitlement Framework below

Restorative Approach

At Dial Park Primary School we support the inclusion of all pupils through our use of Restorative Approaches. Restorative approaches is a relationships base model used throughout Stockport family and helps our children to build, maintain and repair relationships. It is an integral part of the excellent behaviour you will find throughout our school. 

"The personal development of your pupils is at the heart of the school’s work.” OFSTED 2017

"An enticing array of books is available in every classroom and in corridors with quiet little reading areas dotted around the school.” OFSTED 2017

SEND resources list for parents /carers

Your child’s SENCo (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-Ordinator) at school is your key resource to accessing a wealth of advice and support for you and your child. Co-Production between parents and carers and school will ensure that your child with SEND receives the best support available.
Below is a short list of other resources and support that can be accessed. Please do contact them: they are there to help!

The SEND Hub: Telephone 0161 217 6028 and press option 2.

This new support hub is open to anyone, including carers and professionals. It is part of the Council's 'early help' support structure to support residents during this difficult time.

The Local Offer: INTERNET LINK

Please visit the Local Offer – a website that is full of support services and information for families of children and

young people aged 0-25 with SEND.


email: Twitter: @PACTSTOCKPORT website: or call: 07786 101 072

PACTS is Stockport’s official local parent carer forum run by parents for parents, carers, grandparents and family members who have a child / young person between the ages of 0 & 25 years with special educational needs & disabilities including any additional need.


Phone: 0161 240 6168 E-mail:

Stockport SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service) offers free support to parents and carers of Stockport children and young people with any special educational needs and disabilities, from 0-25 years of age.

Parent and Carers Help and Support: INTERNET LINK

There are many support groups available to parents and carers of young people with SEND.

Stockport Entitlement Framework: INTERNET LINK

This document is intended for teachers to use to improve the support available and for parents and carers to understand how the needs of their children with SEND might be met.

"A rigorous culture of safeguarding is in place throughout the school.” OFSTED 2017