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Our School - Our Future

Full time childcare available 8am - 6pm - 5 days a week term time only.

Dial Park Primary School, Nursery and 2 Year Old Provision.

Our School - Our Future

Dial Park Primary School caters for children aged from 2 to 11 years old and is set in beautiful surroundings.

We believe in the development of the whole child at our school. All subjects are important in our development and so every child learns from a broad, interesting and well-balanced curriculum.

Every child in our school has Forest School for half a day every week. During this time they learn personal skills such as resilience, problem-solving and relationship centred social development. They also learn skills such as fire building, cooking, den building and stick whittling.

Inspirational people are used to name our classrooms to help children see what they can achieve through determination, resilience and hard work.

Our curriculum is enhanced and supported by highly skilled specialist teachers in dance, gymnastics, music and computing. We have strong links with Stockport County and their coaches teach a range of sports in our school as well as holiday enrichment programs.

Equality and inclusivity are at the heart of all we aim to achieve. Our inclusion quality mark is a reflection of this.

Our nurturing, caring and inclusive environment really is the best place for your child to begin their life long learning journey.

Learning extends beyond our own school community. We are a research driven and other schools use our expertise to improve their own practise. Our early years setting which has been awarded the associate partnership award has numerous teachers visit to learn how to improve their own practise.

Take some time to explore our website, arrange a visit to come and see for yourself and ask other parents in our local community to support your decision.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your children thrive at our school.

With best wishes.

James Clark


"Pupils benefit from a programme of high-quality opportunities that enhance their learning and personal development." - OFSTED 2023


Our Core Vision & Values

Our vision “Our School, Our Future” is
underpinned by 8 acrostic values. 

Our School Trophies

We love to celebrate success in our school. Our school values are integral to these celebrations. Each school value has a trophy embossed with its name. Every week teachers write certificates which link learning and other positive outcomes to the values of our school. Every Friday we hold a celebration assembly where the certificates are given out and the very best examples of our "values in action" are awarded a trophy.

Our Nursery and Reception children have a slightly different reward system involving our values dinosaurs. Each of our values has been given a unique dinosaur and these dinosaurs reward certificates to children who have displayed the values. 

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 Number of values trophies won for excellent achievement by our children


Our percentage SATs score for 
Reading, Writing & Maths 

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"Leaders and staff are highly ambitious for the achievement of all pupils." - OFSTED 2023

  "Pupils enjoy coming to this nurturing and caring school." - OFSTED 2023